Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pregnancy Assistant App

Pregnancy Assistant App guides you through your pregnancy even before conceiving! Simply tap in your due date (if you are pregnant) and allow Pregnancy Assistant App to offer you the tools and information you need to keep you in control every step in the way.

This is your home screen. From here you will get the countdown up to your due date.

You can access the main menu from all the main pages. You can scroll through all the features

Week by Week information. Everything that happens to your baby and the development of your body can be found here

Handy checklist with things you need to do on each trimester, it also adds the Hospital Bag checklist

Contraction tracker. This is a must have tool when about to go into labour, the app changes the row colour if your contractions are from real labour 

There is loads to discover when using the app. You can mail me for any questions or feedback! Here is the Play Store link:

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