Thursday, 9 April 2015

Pregnancy Assistant App on Android Headlines

Pregnancy Assistant App is an Android that, as you’ve probably figured out helps expecting mothers – and their families and partners – keep track of their pregnancy. More than just logging progress with pictures to document the journey, Pregnancy Assistant App is full of information and helpful lists that can ensure a smooth pregnancy and to keep all of those Doctor appointments and classes in one place. Built with an easy to use and good-looking user interface, Pregnancy Assistant App is easy to use and will help any expecting mother and their family make it through the journey that is pregnancy.
Pregnancy Assistant App is just a quick download away from the Play Store, and then you can start inputting some key information. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be given an overview of your pregnancy and progress.
Pregnancy 01
There are even hints to inform you about what’s happening, and over time, you can take photos of your belly to remember the journey as it happens.
Pregnancy 02
There’s also a way to add in appointments and such to keep a track of them in one place.
Pregnancy Calendar

These appointments and other handy little tips will appear as notifications when the time is right. This can be helpful for those that are working well into their pregnancy and it’ll help families stay on top of things.
preg remind
While Pregnancy Assistant App is going to be useful for all those expecting, it’ll be most helpful for those going through their first pregnancy. There are checklists that offer advice for each new part of your pregnancy, and it’s an excellent point of reference.
Pregnancy checklist
Over time, you’ll build up a look at your pregnancy, with easy to find menus, Pregnancy Assistant App makes it fun and simple to find the information you need.
Pregnancy Home
Pregnancy Assistant App is helpful right up to your due date, with a handy contractions timer to make sure you had to the Hospital at the right time and have helpful information to pass on to your Doctor.
Pregnancy Contraptions
Now, it’s obvious from my name and my profile picture that I’m not a woman, so I won’t pretend to have any idea of what pregnancy is like, but I do know a good app when I see it. These days, apps are often designed to connect us with others, or just make it easier to get a quick laugh. Pregnancy Assistant App is one of the few apps I’ve seen in a long time that actually offers genuine help to those going through an important stage of their life. Regardless of whether you might be doing it on your own, with your husband or partner, or with your family, Pregnancy Assistant App is a great way of keeping everything together and making sure you’re as well prepared as you can be. Pregnancy Assistant App is probably a lot more help to those going through their first pregnancy, but it’s nice to have a place for all related information. Calendars are boring, and for work stuff, not your pregnancy. So, it’s nice to keep checklists, progress and appointments all in one central place to track your pregnancy.
  • Speed (4/5) – Pregnancy Assistant App runs nice and smoothly, and it feels like an up-to-date app.
  • Theme (4/5) – With a theme that’s light and easy on the eye, Pregnancy Assistant App will be welcoming and soothing, it’s a nice place to keep all this info together.
  • Features (5/5) – With so much information on offer, Pregnancy Assistant App has everything you need to enjoy the journey and make sure you don’t miss out on anything. It documents, advises and instructs all while keeping you organized.
  • Overall (4/5) – Pregnancy Assistant App is an excellent companion to help guide people through an important part of their life, and it does everything you could need it to do all in one excellent, easy to use application.
  • With a good-looking theme, Pregnancy Assistant App is calming and has a nice feminine touch to it, that isn’t patronising at all.
  • Great for organizing appointments, keeping track of your growing belly and more.
  • Lots of great advice, not only what you should do, but why you should do it.
  • Perfect app for those going through their first pregnancy, it keeps things in one place and it’s always with you.
  • Some of the advice could be a little longwinded.
  • Ability to change themes would make things a little nicer.
Pregnancy Assistant App is an app that expecting mothers will really enjoy, and I can see it being a big help for those first timers. There’s a lot of advice here, but it doesn’t patronise and it even educates users as to what’s happening to their baby and their body. It’s a great tool for keeping track of appointments as well as milestones in your pregnancy. A helpful, easy to use and down to Earth app for pregnant mothers, this is definitely worth trying.

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