Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New re-designed UI for Diet Assistant

Diet Assistant have undergone a UI surgery to use the latest design techniques on Android. Check out the screenshots bellow... there is a video too!

Here is a short demo.

Monday, 16 May 2011


TrackerSavvy is a handy app that allows you to easily track things like water, weight, expenses and time.


Weight Tracker
• Logs your weight records
• Built-in BMI calculator (Body Mass Index)
• Excellent tool while on a diet

Water Tracker
• Monitors your daily water intake with a very intuitive interface (by tapping cups to drink them)
• Set reminders to help you remember to drink water through the day at customisable intervals
• Keeps track of all your past records
• Excellent tool for workouts, exercises and diets

Expenses Tracker
• Logs your expenses using different categories so that you can easily see where your money is going!
• Calculates your current balance
• Bill reminder section - allows you to add upcoming payments and we help you by notifying you
• Customizable categories

Time Tracker
• Logs the time you spend doing different tasks
• Easily lets you see where you have been spending most of your time
• Customizable categories

• Set weight & water goals
• Displays the current state of your trackers (current weight, water today, current balance & last task) and displays a preview of your trackers
• You can also add your height to use the built-in BMI calculator

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Diet Assistant

I should have done this post sometime ago but for one thing or another it has been put on hold.. This app is called "Diet Assistant" and it got released to the Android Market on the 16th August 2010 (7 months ago now). It has currently over 250000 downloads and its paid/ad-free version has more than 1000 downloads, although to be fair this one got released 2-3 months later.

Here is the summary:

Diet Assistant is an app for people who want to improve their eating habits and carry out a healthy lifestyle.

• Healthy choices of diet food with the right combination
• Nutrition facts
• Weight tracker
• Built-in BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator
• Diet plans to suit your needs
• Easy to use
• Weight Chart / Graph
• Diet and weight loss tips
• Data backup/restore
• And much more!

Here are some screenshots:

This is the main menu. From here you have access to your diet, available diet plans, chart and your profile. Also by the Menu you can go into the preferences, about page and share the app. What you see at the bottom is tips that pass automatically which tapping on them will show it on a small popup.

This is your current diet. Here you can see your plan for the week, also you can see the nutritional information for the food items and portions details plus you can also change a food item for another suitable one. From the Menu (Press the Menu key on your device) you have access to "Today", "Restart" and the Shopping list.

This is your profile. Here you can update your details such as food preference, gender and goal weight. From the menu you have access to the weight entries which contains useful information about your progress which is also displayed in a chart.

There is a lot more in the app but that's left for you to discover. There are many new features queueing up to be done so stay tuned for cool updates!

Hope you enjoy using it!