Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New re-designed UI for Diet Assistant

Diet Assistant have undergone a UI surgery to use the latest design techniques on Android. Check out the screenshots bellow... there is a video too!

Here is a short demo.


  1. Good morning Mr. Alberto!

    How are you? Fine?

    I´m write from Brazil. Have a question: You plan translate to other language, to Brazilian Portuguese language? If plan, Can I help you in this? Or other sugestion: do = in other linux aplications. Have a principal languague and use txt/similar files with translated terms.

    My e-mail:

    Thank's by attention and best regards!

    Waiting a feedback.


  2. Hi there

    Your app is great, but I would like to use metric measurements. Is it available and how do I change it to that?


  3. Do you have a nutrition degree? How did you develop this app as far as science?

  4. You can change the app's settings from the dashboard -> press the "Menu" key and select "Preferences"

  5. I recently accepted an update to this app through amazon. All of my recorded weights have changed. I have emailed the created 2x and have gotten no response. I really want to recapture my original profile. I had 10 months worth of recorded data on my profile. Please advise.

  6. Ok dumb ? Is the the lunch and dinner suggestions what you r to eat as a meal?
    Or r they two suggestions and you need to pick one. New to this and want to do it right!

  7. When will you update the sit up app on iTunes